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Ithaki 4 KiDs helps you to find the best sites just for kids via searching in real time several search engines for kids like DmozKids, Yahooligans, FactMonster, ArtKIDSRule, AolKIDS, AwesomeLibrary & KidsClick!.

Ithaki is a metasearch engine, it finds quickly the best web sites because it searches at once the top search engines and guides for kids, then ranks the results according to an internal ranking to make sure you get the exactly what you're looking for.

What's ithaki.net ?
Ithaki is a powerful and innovative metasearch engine that focuses in finding accurate results in the web via searching a carefully hand-picked selection of databases and search tools. It was created entirely by the molecular biologist Carla Tironi Farinati.
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If you are above 10-12 years old, I recommend you to try -->> Ithaki Metasearch

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